As a Callendar Pharmacy customer with regular medication needs, if you find your time is at a premium why don’t you ask our Pharmacy staff to register you for our free Repeat Prescription Collection Service.

The service we provide is easy to set up – you authorise us to collect your prescription from your Doctor on your behalf, so that we can get your medication prepared and waiting for you whenever you visit the Pharmacy.

Once the service is set up there are three easy steps to take:

  1. Order your prescription from your Doctor or Health Centre and advise them that it will be collected by Callendar Pharmacy or simply phone the pharmacy with your order and we will send it to the surgery on your behalf.
  2. Phone the Pharmacy and let them know you have a prescription to be collected. We’ll advise you when it will be ready
  3. We collect and make up your prescription – it’s as simple as that!

If you have problems coming in for your prescription then don’t forget that we can deliver your medication free to your home. Just ask for more details.

24/7 Automated Prescription Collection

We offer simple and convenient prescription collection anytime day or night with our automated prescription collection service. The service is FREE to our registered customers. Sign up for the service online by completing and submitting our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

Alternatively, download and complete the printable REGISTRATION FORM and return this to us when you are next in the pharmacy and we’ll do the rest.

When your prescription is ready for collection we’ll send you a text messsage with your unique PIN number. Simply collect your prescription when convenient for you via our secure touch screen and automated dispenser. It’s located on the High Street frontage of the pharmacy.

Our walk in Express Service

In the pharmacy we know that as patient the last thing you want is to have long waits when handing in a prescription yourself. That is way we introduced our express service. We promise you won’t have to wait longer than 10 minutes for your prescription or we will deliver it for free. We are confident that you won’t get this service anywhere else in Falkirk!

Surgeries we collect from:


Ark Medical 
9 Booth Place, FK1 1BA | Tel: 01324 621113 | Fax: 01324 633456

Carron Medical 
Ronades Road, FK2 7TA | Tel: 01324 619940 | Fax: 01324 619941

Meeks Road 
10 Meeks Road, FK2 7ES | Tel: 01324 619930 | Fax: 01324 627266

254 Thornhill Road, FK2 7AZ | Tel: 01324 622826 | Fax: 01324 633456

Westburn Avenue, FK1 5SU | Tel: 01324 623577 | Fax: 01324 633636

Graeme Medical 
1 Western Avenue, FK2 7HR | Tel: 01324 624437 | Fax: 01324 633737


Camelon Surgery 
3 Baird Street, John O’Hara Court, FK1 4PP | Tel: 01324 622854 | Fax: 01324 633858



Dr Whitelaw
Salmon Inn Road, FK2 0XF | Tel: 01324 715446 | Fax: 01324 717986

Salmon Inn Road, FK2 0XF | Tel: 01324 715540 | Fax: 01324 716723

Polmont Park
Salmon Inn Road, FK2 0XF | Tel: 01324 715753 | Fax: 01324 722419

Dr Stephen Brown
Salmon Inn Road, FK2 0XF | Tel: 01324 722454


Park Drive, FK5 3BB | Tel: 01324 554136 | Fax: 01324 553622

Park Avenue, FK5 3BB | Tel: 01324 570570 | Fax: 01324 553632

431 King Street, FK5 4HT | Tel: 01324 551555

Park Drive, FK5 3BB | Tel: 01324 552200 | Fax: 01324 553623

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Please feel free to contact us for advice and to find out more about the services we offer instore and online.